Sound Collection of Xuan-Yuan Sword EX:The Gate of Firmament

01.New Journey
02.Memories of Star
03.Descendants of the Gods
04.Sorrows of the Moon
05.Lady Chef
06.The eloquent Phonenix
07.Descendants of Xuanyuan
08.Phoenix Fire
09.The Lonely Shadow
10.Ambient Green
11.Ode to Shang (The Gate of Firmament version)
12.The Tale of Qingmei
13.Sword cross the sun
14.Juedi Tiantong
15.The Crumbling Village
16.The Calm of the Woods
17.Under Blue Sky
18.The Ancient Kingdom Huaxu
19.Today you soar
20.A Dream Back to Huaxu
21.The Gate of Asura
22.Fly wing to wing