The Masters Edition will provide you access to all Champions and Ships in the Shop.

“The Games” of AERENA are not only about becoming the top Aether Master of the current season.
This is entertainment for the people of a post Aetherwars world and they want to see fierce Captains, awesome Ships and crazy Champions.

This Pack delivers the complete set of crazy Skins for your Champions and Ships.

12 unique Champion Skins:

Bloody Mary Poe
Santa Martel
Spring Break Crank
Kamakura Aurora
Serious Harlequin
Butcher-ing Hulk
Head Chef Rouge
White Ninja Corporal
Lovely Luna 68
Candyland Sharina
Cop H.A.M.M.E.R.

8 Ship Skins

Darkest Hour Skybucket
Love Train Packer
Tiger Lilly Sparrow
V8 Arc

of which these 4 Ship Skins even come with a Captain of their own:
Hendrick’s Mac
Lilly’s Sparrow
Rector’s Valiant
Valerian’s Tesla

Make your crew stand out of the crowds with the complete collection of all the Skins in the game!

To be able to equip and view a skin, you need to unlock the corresponding Champions and Ships in the game first!