To celebrate Halloween, or as the residents of Lavato call it — All Hallow’s Eve — we’re offering this limited-time pack. It includes some great Halloween themed alternate artwork and avatars, including rare cards. And the best part? It comes with 500 Gran, which is 5 USD of virtual currency, so it’s practically free — even better if you pick it up on sale!

-Cards – Includes Halloween versions of Lycanthrope [Seraph], Amethyst Carbuncle, Girl Druid, Cemetery Rats, Will o’ Wisp, Fire Sorceress Addition (3-star Rare) and Prototype Form Noze (4-star Rare) *

-Avatars included are the Pumpkin Head, the Evil Cat pet, the Cemetery background and the Little Devil Wings.

-FM Drafting ticket – grants entry into our rolling Draft Tournament whenever you want. A great introduction to our Drafting system!

-5 Point Cards – Point Cards can be collected from special events, promotions and tournaments. Trade them in for any card of your choice.

-3 months Premium Account, gives you extra deck slots and early access to game features like selling cards.

-500 Gran – that’s virtual currency worth 5 USD, you can spend on anything in the in-game cash shop!

* Due to the heavily discounted nature of this limited-time promotional item, the cards will not be able to be resold in the player card marketplace.