What is AoF World Online: Community Edition?:

With AoF World Online: Community Edition, you get access to play AoF World Online on our official or partner servers, plus you get access to our simple server app with scripts that allows you to host your own game locally on your computer independent of our servers.

1. Server Application with Scripts – All players have the opportunity to play the game locally on their computer independently using the server application (single player). All players can edit the server scripts as they see fit and make custom mods to customize how the game plays (unlimited drops, invincibility, custom quests, story etc) without having to log into our servers.

*No coding experience needed. Modifying the server scripts are easy. A simple guide is also included.

*These features are reserved when you play locally on your computer. Modifying scripts will not change the games you play online on our servers.

*The server and scripts are for single player use. You will NOT be able to host the server for other players to play on. That option is reserved for the Partner Server DLC.

2. Play online with others – You can play on any one our of official servers or partner servers.

3. Fasaria World Online free access key – ALL players receive a free access key to create an account and play Fasaria World Online (browser based game) at no addition cost. This offer requires no addition fee, requirements to meet or any extra process to earn. Each account is given one cd key to be redeemed. All you have to do is view your cd key from your game, access Fasaria World Online and register using your free access key.

  • Play online or locally from your computer using our simple to use server app.
  • Modify the simple sever scripts to customize game.
  • Lifetime of FREE Updates & Access to Community Mods & Scripts.
  • Submit your server script mods to be featured for download access.
  • No Need for Item Shop. All Platinum Tokens and Extras can be earned fairly in game.
  • New in game Leaderboard added. Climb the ranks and reach greatness.
  • Explore Fasaria and her 3 moons.
  • Journey through the Planetarium.
  • Populate and build your space station.
  • Level up your skills and character.
  • Collect tribute from your fleet.
  • Play slots to earn Platinum Tokens.
  • Gain karma and earn rewards.