Animal Gods is an illustrated, 2D top-down game with a focus on dashing, arrow shooting, sword slashing, and Animal Gods.

Play as Thistle, a hunter and priest from an ancient age. Unravel an intriguing mystery surrounding the great beasts. Explore a nonlinear world. Stop an occult leader. Release the cursed gods.

Key Features

  • Animal God Battles — Challenge the enigmatic Animal Gods.
  • Fast + Precise 2D Action — Wield rift bow, flame cloak, and bronze sword.
  • Nonlinear World — Explore the dungeons in any order you’d like.
  • Responsive Combat Feel — Tight controls and weapon power-ups for sword, cloak, and bow.
  • Lives-09-Mode — Unlockable difficulty challenges you to complete the game with 09 lives or less.