Music by Michael Allen and Lisa Gerrard
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Jacek Tuschewski
Cover Art by Ty Carey

As lovers of incredible soundtracks and grand soundscapes, we knew the sonic vistas of Armello had to be extraordinary. The team we’ve got on board are not only incredibly talented, but also world renowned stars in their own right. Michael Allen for his chart surfing pop songs to moving soundtracks and Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance, Gladiator, Samsara, The Insider) whose voice and composition have created some of the most heart moving music ever created.

The soundtrack is produced, mixed and mastered by Jacek Tuschewski, who has shipped over thirty games and worked with internationally acclaimed virtuosos like Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, Lisa Gerrard, Jeff Rona, Klaus Badelt and Zbigniew Preisner on Academy Award winning films, theatre productions and sound installations.

Armello Original Soundtrack – Wyld’s Call – Track listing:
01 – Once Upon a Time…
02 – A Tale of Tails
03 – Beyond Burrow
04 – In Darkness
05 – Adventure Untold
06 – Dagger & Rose
07 – The Gathering Storm
08 – Far From Home
09 – The Creeping Black
10 – Fire & Fang
11 – Blackheart
12 – Dawn’s Sunset
13 – The Trial of the Chosen
14 – O’ King, O’ Liege
15 – Bowed, Unbroken
16 – Founders’ Respite
17 – A Realm Reborn
18 – Wyld’s Call
19 – Ever After
Total Length: 38:30

Songs will be placed in the Armello folder in your Steam Directory: …SteamsteamappscommonArmello