Armor Clash is an RTS game of modern warfare. It contains classic features like base building, units training etc. Players can also customize their armies. There are many modern armor for you to choose, even the latest T-14 Armata tank. With realistic effects and fast paced battle, players will enjoy commanding their armored forces to break down the enemy.

Good Features:

  1. Traditional RTS game play
  2. Realistic physics effect.
  3. Army customization
  4. Local network multiplayer
  5. Neutral forces and experience system
  6. There are both PC and Mac version available, linux version will be available soon.
  7. Using the latest technologies of Unity engine.

Weak Points:

  1. There is no campaign, there are replayable skirmish maps instead.
  2. Max player number is 2, because there are huge amounts of realistic physics effects in the game, 2 players at max will ensure the good performance during fierce battle.

Future Updates:

  1. Long term maintainance for bug fixing and new features developing.
  2. More and more new units and new maps for free.


20 years ago, at the great age of RTS game, I was still in school and dreamed of making my own RTS game one day. The dream is sweet, but when I really decide to do it, I feel it is impossible. Like many others indie developers, I can do some coding work but lack in art skill. Forming a team need influence and funds, which I am also in short of.

It is in 2013 I know Unity first time from a forum, at first I did not care much because I thought it is just a SDK like many other programming tools, till I found there is the asset store, I can get model and sound assets at a reasonable price, even I can find solutions like dynamic water, mini radar and vehicle system. I realized that if I bought all the works I can not do, I can make the game just by my self.

Then I began to learn Unity by sparing time. and after made a small demo I had enough confidence and resigned my job. Although there are plenty of art assets available, it still cost me much time on modifying to meet my needs, new ideas came out before implementing old ones, the developing work is still not easy.

After 14 month’s work, it is now 90% finished and goes into beta phase. I will keep updating this game with new ideas and the latest technology of Unity engine.



Description in detail:

Good Feature:

  1. Traditional RTS game play
    Like those classic RTS games, the player can build a base, train an army of modern armor and crash down the enemy with gunfire and missiles. Besides that, there are exciting features like unit customization, realistic vehicle physics effect.
  2. Realistic vehicle physics effect
    By the powerful vehicle physics system of Unity 5.0, vehicle units have almost the same detail level of cars in racing game: each wheel of the tank or APC is simulated from friction to damping, you can see the suspended system works when vehicles moving across the rough ground.
    The details of vehicle producing in the factory are also visible. Crane hand carries the vehicle hull into the workshop, robot hands install wheels and doors automatically, finally the vehicle move out of the factory, you can watch the entile process instead of just see units spawned on the map directly.

  3. Army Customization
    There are not factions setting in the game, instead players can build up their own troops with hundreds of combinations.
    Players choose the unit in the armory. For example, in the Main Tank class, there are M1A2, T90 or other tanks(new units will be added) available. In the Helicopter class, player can choose one from gatting gun, AA-missile, long range missile to install on your Apache attack helicopter. Players can make their own strategies from these combinations.

  4. Local Network Multiplayer
    Multiplayer is available on local network now.
  5. Neutral forces and experience system
    Besides the enemy, there are also neutral forces spawned on the map, Player can hunt them to get bonus resources, and once a whole neutral camp was cleared, a group of units will come out and fight for you, they maybe rocket jeep, T72 tank, or someone else, which means you get extra forces at early stage.
    By destroying enemy unit and capturing mercenary camp, player can get experince and level up. Each level player can choose a tatical ability, such as deploying a scout drone or calling AC130 gunship to support.
  6. There are Mac version
    Because of Unity engine, it can be easily make a Mac version for each game. I also use a lot of time on testing the game on Mac. The performance is good on my iMac, with 2.7 GHz intel core i5 and intel iris pro.
    For there is not middle key for apple mouse, player can use the ‘command’ key to adjust the camera view.
    Mac and PC version can even cross platform multiplay through local network:)
  7. Using the latest technologies of Unity engine
    The game is made on Unity 5.0 engine, using many features like vehicle wheel simulation, global illumination etc. From early access to full relase, I will keep updating this game with Unity Engine, implementing the latest technologies to improve the game.

Weak Points:
It seems odd to tell the weak points in the advertisement. For this is my first game and my resources and energy are limited, so there would be lacks in content than other AAA RTS game. I should tell you honestly before you decide to spend any money on it. I will keep making games for players in a long term, so the trust is most important, and I will try my best to improve the game, fix every bugs before and after the game release.

  1. There is no campaign
    I know that campaign is a very important part for a RTS game, but I really did not have enough resource to make it: I can not make CG, and can not hire people to make record speech. I think I should put my limited time and resource on features like skirmish battle, random map etc that can be replayed more times.

    Instead there are skirmish maps for players to challenge various type of AI, players can also fight each other on Local Network. Those are both replayable.

  2. Max player number is 2
    For each unit even doodads on map have physics effects, the performance costs rise up. By now I reduce the max player number to 2, and it works well. I will try to optimize the performance and it may take change in future.

Future Contents:

  1. Long term maintainance
    I will keep on improve the game, not just druing beta stage, but also after the version 1.0.
  2. New units and maps for free
    I will keep on adding new units and maps, like Leopard 2, Paladin howitzer, Warrior etc, each unit will have its own trait rather than just different attack and hp values, and do not worry, they are free:)