Awesomenauts: Starstorm is an expansion pack for Awesomenauts, and will bring you five all-new characters. Starstorm unlocks Ted McPain, Penny Fox, Sentry X-58, Skree and Nibbs. In addition to these five characters, you’ll also receive three new in-game music tracks!

The universe is in turmoil as the ever-enduring stalemate between the droid armies of the Ones and Zeros reaches a fever-pitch! Millions of battles have been fought across the scorched wastelands of Sorona, the dense jungle reservation of Ribbit IV, on AI Station 404’s installations and inside the recently discovered mystical temple of Aiguillon.

Meanwhile, in the Raki star system, a gigantic remnant of the first AI war drifts close to a burning star. This unfinished battle station, an abandoned relic of the first generation of robots, is called “The Starstorm.” It was considered to be the ultimate weapon, holding the power to transform the energy from stars into a whirling mass of destruction. Its hull bears thousands of robot ground troops slumbering in their rusty sleep.

The space platform and its robotic legion were thought to be permanently powered down after the first AI war, and the station has been abandoned ever since. The Starstorm was never fully operational, until recently…

Emergency reports of the star imploding into a giant, burning, space storm indicate that the Starstorm has somehow been activated. The news of the clearly battle-ready station has drawn the attention of the Ones and Zeros, and both factions have sent their best teams to investigate and secure the station and gain control of the Starstorm’s destructive power!

The pieces are set, the eve of battle approaches once more! Awesomenauts, assemble!

New heroes have joined the Awesomenauts!

  • The heroic Ted McPain, armed to the teeth with his trusty shotgun and machine gun
  • Sneaky Sentry X-58, capable of sneaking behind enemy lines
  • The mysterious space-hitchhiker Skree and his razor-edged sawblade
  • Honorary Star Scout Penny Fox, one of the most agile characters in the Awesomenauts line-up
  • The fire-breathing Nibbs, capable of burning any Awesomenaut to a crisp!

Three new in-game tracks are included with the expansion!

  • Sirens before the Storm
  • Spanking Stars
  • I’ll make you a Star, Baby

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