Five platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and Linux.

One game: Survival: Barren Roads.

Nuclear weapons have the left the world barren and scorched the earth. Survival has never been harder for mankind. Resources are scarce as life has left this world. You are forced to constantly move and scavenge the next area for resources. Rivers are dry. Many of wanderers never survived the icy nights as the moon crosses the sky. Roam a massive streaming map featuring ruined highways and cities. Survive and outwit other survivors, like yourself. Scavenge, loot, and explore during the day and find shelter during the freezing nights. Beware of the beasts and unknown as the sun sets.

Basic non-competitive multiplayer online or LAN.
Random event system for a different experience every play

Line of sight and hearing enabled.

Map streaming system.
Huge streaming map – if you can see it. You can walk to it.
A massive content filled world. Likely the largest on the appstore.

Tons of areas to explore: towns, distant houses, bases.
Weather system included.
Player needs: health, hunger, thirst, shelter.
Full day and night cycle.
Inventory backpack system
30+ firearms
15+ melee weapons
Character armor.
Customizable weapons: scopes and silencers.
Craft-able weapons.
Hunting system – animals spawn into only certain areas defined by their behavior. Learn these areas to find success hunting.
Loot, gather resources, and scavenge ruined towns, wrecks, vehicles, and more.
and much, much, much more…