Super Fast Avoid’-Em-Up Arcade Game. Youโ€™re going for a supersonic flight in the nightmarishly-neon world of endless barriers!
REMEMBER SIMPLE RULES: don’t stay in the Red, shoot the enemies and slave to the rhythm ๐Ÿ˜‰

Key features:

  • Uberfast Gameplay โ€“ speed up every 15 seconds! Escape from barriers if your reaction speed is up to par!
  • 7 Endless Levels โ€“ new features on each level! Unlock next level after 30 seconds of flight.
  • Catchy Music โ€“ enjoy fast-paced endless fly accompanied with best beats of electronic music.
  • Competition Leaderboards โ€“ beat your friends and compete with players all over the world in leaderboards on every single level.