Lorna Ritten has learned of her grandfather, Alfred Cypress, whom she has never known. She has always wanted to find out more about her family but it has been somewhat of a mystery. Along with finding out about her grandfather, Lorna discovers that she has inherited something very significant. Her hunger to know more leads her to the beginning of her journey…

Arriving on a secluded island, Lorna is overwhelmed by her surroundings. As she explores, she begins to discover technology that suggests Alfred was a brilliant man with an eccentric nature. Lorna is on a mission to find answers to the questions she has had for so long.

Join her on her journey and find out what is waiting for her on the island… There is so much to do, and not a lot of time.

Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning Chapter I is a single player, stealth-based strategy game

The Cypress Bloodline – Being adopted at birth, Lorna has never known anything about her birth parents and her true identity has always been somewhat of a mystery to her. After being approached by a stranger, Lorna discovers that she is part of the Cypress Bloodline and is finally given the chance to find the answers she has wanted to know for so long.

Open World – As Lorna, immerse yourself in a non-linear, open-world experience as you search to uncover the secrets of the Cypress family past. You will encounter hidden areas, outposts and vaults filled with secrets and challenges. From the endless forests to the dark shadows of the caves, there is so much to discover.

You only have one chance to complete your mission. – On Cypress Island, every decision you make will have a consequence. The way in which you choose to use your resources will affect your chances of completing your mission in time and surviving the island. Choose wisely!

Locate – Collect valuable information and begin uncover the secrets that were kept from you for so long. Stealth technology will aid you on your mission by allowing you to search without being detected.

Protect – The secrets you uncover must be well protected. Remember, what you are about to discover could change the world!

Survive – You must learn to overcome obstacles while balancing your health and stamina. Having only 72 hours to accomplish your mission, you will need to combine strategy and patience. Stay strong to achieve your objectives.

The Enemy – Beware of Vonya and the A.I. that is there to assist her. She knows why you have come and is determined to capture you. Your strategy and the way in which you traverse the area are paramount in helping you gain the assets she is protecting.

Cause & Effect Gameplay – Based on the choices you make throughout the game, there are multiple ways in which a game can end.

Replay-ability – Being that the locations of the Cypress Family Secrets are randomly generated by the engine, you can enjoy different situations every time you play. You will never play the same game twice!

Extended GameplayChapter II and Chapter III continue the story and come at no additional cost, adding several hours of extra game-play and carrying you deeper into the story!

Family Friendly – Our game has no harsh violence, nudity or vulgar language.

Original Soundtrack – Enjoy an Original Soundtrack created by Award-Winning film composer and record producer Dani Donadi, as you journey through Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning.

Easy to Learn – Controls are very intuitive and interactive tutorials are available for each chapter.

In moving forward with our video game division we want to make sure that we have a solid foundation. Just as we are rebuilding the app to replace our current app, we are also proceeding to rebuild the PC and Mac versions of Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning. Please bear in mind – this will be an entirely new game built using UE 4 by a new team of developers. The game is based on the same story line but will feature new and exciting additional content. Right now, the game is available in a few outlets and also in our store. Anyone who does purchase the game at the current price from Steam or the Mac Game Store, for example, will get the new game upon its release at no additional charge. The game price will be increased significantly when it is finished, but for now we are keeping the price at a minimum to help with marketing during the time of the rebuild. We anticipate that the game will be finished by late 2017, and will have much more content throughout.