Included in the Collector’s Edition are access to game prototype, original full hd wallpapers, digital artbook, an official soundtrack, special digital character wallpapers signed by actors, access to an upcoming DLC: Testing Laboratory, access to an upcoming making-of video-diaries and even more bonuses to come with free updates in the future.

Original Soundtrack:
This Original Soundtrack includes 40 unique tracks mixed by the amazing composers Jakub Miřejovský a Jan Ševčík, allowing you to enjoy the magical music whenever you want.

Digital Artbook:
See the concepts behind the game! The book features more than 30 hand drawn concepts of the game various environments.

Game prototype:
Get access to amazing prototype of the game BLACKHOLE. Try to solve more puzzles and look how we tested the game difficulty from the very beginning. Game prototype is working only on Windows Vista and newer.