(Timed Item Package) Each Item will be given for 3 days with the ability to restock again in the in Game Shop.

In order to redeem this Package you will take your DLC code and go into the Shop. Hit the “Recharge BlackShot Cash” button and then you can redeem the code in the pop up window that appears.

You have just been recruited to fight in the clone war.
Gear up Mercenary, and explore the multiple battlefields to conquer your place on the Top as an Elite Soldier.
The Black Kit has the basic gear and equipment to assist you in that journey and if well used can make new mercenaries shine.

• AK47 Black
Perfect for night operations, this customized version of the worldly renowned AK47 is symbol of power and durability. And will definitely give you and advantage over your enemies.

• MedKit Premium
Recovering your HP(Health) little by little during 40 seconds. This miracle worker item will save you every time that you find yourself in trouble.
Essential for newcomers and veterans, this could be the difference between life and death in the battlefield.

• Tactics Package I
Helping you aim while setting an ambush, this package unlocks 3 unique tactics that when equipped will give you a steady shot even when you are under the pressure of enemy fire. Also reducing the recoil of your rifle and pistol.

*Tactics included:
[Sub-zero Blood] – strengthens your focus resulting in less tremble when being shot by another player.
[Advance Dominator] – Improves marksmanship by reducing the recoil of your assault rifle
[Advance Scout] – Improves marksmanship by reducing the recoil of your handgun