(Timed Item Package) Each Item will be given for 7 days with the ability to restock again in the in Game Shop. (Can not restock any of the Special Characters)

The ultimate Character Package for new recruits.
The Ultimate Package will give you a taste of most our special characters..
This package give your a glimpse into the different characters and play styles.
Here you’ll find some of the exclusive characters you can find released in BlackShot.

Special Weapons and Tactics units created for riot control, hostage missions, and urban counter-terrorism. If you see one of these guys, its already too late.
Special Ability:
[Infiltrator] – Special equipment used by SWAT teams in field operations.

• Nina
Highly trained assassin Nina dismembers her enemies easily with her agile cat-like moves, and merciless decisions against her enemies. Her swift movement is based on her special hear item called: Pro Agility Boots.
Special Ability:
[Pro Agility Boots] – Increase your run speed (Nina only)

• Rayne
Rayne is an ace disciple of Sniper Mantis. She is specialised in jungle survival warfare that is capable of silencing enemies without being detected and eliminate targets without them knowing.
Special Ability:
[Stealth] – Reduces the footstep sound significantly. (Rayne only)

Underwater Demolition Teams were the precursor to modern Navy SEALs, created to run amphibious operations of the highest difficulty.
Special Ability:
[Iron Boots] – Greatly reduces grenade damage & increase movement speed when SMG is equipped.

• Jessie
Mastered the art of the gunslingers from the American Old West. Special Gear (Gunner): Increase movement speed, recoil & fire rate when Pistl is equipped.
Special Ability:
[Gunner] – Increase movement speed, recoil & fire rate when Pistl is equipped, but slightly vulnerable to rifle arms (Jessie only)