Upgrade your Blitzkrieg 3 from Standard to Deluxe Edition at no extra charge!
The Deluxe Edition is available in Early Access and its content will be introduced in the game with the development progress.

Edition Features

  • Exclusive Commanders: Konstantin Rokossovsky, Erich von Manstein, and Bernard Montgomery (already available)
  • Unique combat vehicles: the T-34-76 screened tank, the M6 heavy tank, and the “Sturer Emil” (under development)
  • In-game rewards such as Silver Nickname (your nickname highlighted in silver in chat windows) and a Heroic Leader Statue for your base – an authentic monument of one of the iconic figures from your side of the war (already available)
  • A special single-player mission involving the Dora railway gun, the largest artillery weapon of World War II (under development)