Get all the bloodlines, 2 sets of silver outfits, 1 set of gold weapons, emotes, boosts, currency and more! The ultimate pack for someone who likes variety! Get the more for less!

The packege includes the following:

  • All 27 Bloodlines
  • Replay pass
  • 1,800 Gold Coins*
  • 50,000 Blood Coins**
  • A gender change outfit for each Bloodline
  • A armoured Outfit for each Bloodline
  • A Gold quality weapon for each Bloodline
  • Wave, laugh and celebrate emotes for each Bloodline

You’ll also recieve:

  • 7 Day Blood Coin Boost
  • 7 Day Experience Boost
  • The title: The Warchief
  • An exclusive Avatar

* You use Gold Coins to unlock bloodlines, outfits, weapon skins and much more
** You use Blood Coins in the game to unlock bloodlines and medallions in the game