Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

How far can curiosity and dreams take us?

Which wonderful situations can we discover once we get carried away by the adventure?

Even though it has been 150 years since its publication, the acclaimed novel by Lewis Carroll still remains as one of the greatest artistic works in the world.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Haven’t you read it?


  • The original story by Lewis Carroll in an innovating and attractive format.
  • Word count around 26,000 words.
  • Over 40 pieces of art (14 sprites, 17 CGs, 12 Backgrounds, including variations)
  • Five languages (English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese/Brazilian)
  • Kinetic novel format
  • Steam trading cards


Direction, programming, production by Kurisu
Character design, sprites, CGs and Backgrounds by KadajXxX
Script by Lewis Carroll