Boundel is a different kind of open world MMORPG with LAN Mode feature.
Boundel can be described as a customizable open world fantasy game focusing on user skill based Player vs. Player combat & fun.
No quests or missions. Just live like a wild one in a completely open world.
Discover new lands and new treasures, and track down the darkness in the sky with your friends to loot the great treasures & experiences.

Three modes available
Online, Local Area Multiplayer or single (but even on single mode, internet connection required)

Key Features

  • Free World
    Completely open world without quests & missions.
  • Skill Based Battles
    Battle is not about just user level.
  • Sail on Seas
    The best treasures are on the seas. Get a ship to sail.
  • Spell Developing
    Develop your spells as you like. Be master of one spell, or expert of all.
  • Mounted combat
    Don’t need to un-mount to join the battle! But if you are on foot, you will have a less collision size.
  • Full loot PvP
    But only on ‘ranked’ official server. You can turn it off for your local server by editing the server config files.
  • Summoning&Polymorphing
    You can summon creatures to assist you, they will help you insanely. Also you can use polymorph scrolls to change your shape any monster form. It will give you some power temporarily.
  • Account Shared Runebook
    Mark any locations except some special places. And teleport there anytime or open a gate to crowded travel. The characters in your account use same runebook.
  • Account Shared Bankbox & Gold
    Store any item in your bank box. You can use the bank box also for transferring items between your characters.
  • Login with Steam
    Just click on the login button.
  • Steam Leaderboards
    See the rankings while on playing.

This is the MMORPG game which is you can play it also on Local Area Network.
The game data of the local server is editable (items, monsters, spells etc.)
Powered By Datcha Server

You will never see any in-app purchase or advertisements in this game.
No subscription fee for the official servers. Pay once, play forever.

When the early access finished, I will release a map editor & baker tool.
Mean is the creating different worlds & baking it for client&server will be possible.