Meat grind your way through an online multi­-player death match…with bunnies.

Pick your bunny and enter levels of bunny blitzing mayhem. Take on your friends or meet new people while you smash and stomp them into bloody bunny goo; bouncing your way to bunny bashing victory.

Bunnytropolises that were once filled with tranquil hopping past­ times have turned into bunny bashing nightmares; in what can now be described as a Bunnapocolypse.
Mega cute bunnies grind, smash and bash each other in a state of bunny stomping frenzy.
Come join the carnage.

Stomp and grind your way with these bunny bashing features

  • Online multi­-player death match
  • Play quickly, or strategically, by selecting gameplay modes
  • Level based traps and power­-ups

  • Four distinct, environmentally different worlds
  • Seven Unique bunny blitzing levels
  • … more levels, and even worlds, already in production

  • Customisation of your own stomping bunny machine
  • Separately adjust fur, fluff & skin colour for each Bunny

Let’s bash more bunnies – and with your help, in Early Access – more features to come….