Please read before you buy: There will be no DLC released during Early Access, if you buy the Season Pass now, you can support the development of new factions and speed up the progress. We will also allow you to beta test new factions before anyone else!

The Season Pass includes:

  • The Allied Army DLC, including two minor factions and a GRM singleplayer campaign
  • The German Army DLC, including the German faction and a new singleplayer campaign
  • The Russian Army DLC, including the Russian faction and a new singleplayer campaign

Do I get new factions without owning the Season Pass? Yes. You will have to wait until each DLC is completed and on sale, then you will be able to unlock new units in multiplayer. Singleplayer content is exclusive to DLC owners and if you own the Season Pass, you can use all multiplayer units out of the box, as soon as they are available. The content will be released throughout 2017.