Aight? I’m Candice innit (that’s me up in the photo, the biggest one as I am well important), and this is an Action RPG all about the incredibly trick lifestyle of me and my m8s!

So basically, I was going 2 get myself a new fake tan one day, when an evil singing sensation named Krystal turns up & startz causing havoc innit?!? Naturally I wasn’t having that, and tried 2 stop her. Sadly I failed, and she stole my mate’s tanning business.

All was lost. But then I remembered I have magical powers! I can shoot out magical bulletz in every direction, like some sort of human twin stick space ship or something! I used this knowledge to go on an adventure around the world to learn new magical powers, and ended up saving both the world and the tanning business!

I had loads of fun along the way, did a bit of rapping (I am a well good rapper tbh), made new friends and had a few romances as well!!! Basically it was a right laugh, and u can experience it all in my new action rpg!!!!


Candice Xxxxx