The angelic voice of Candice DeBébé brings you the exhilarating soundtrack from her recent game, Candice DeBébé’s Incredibly Trick Lifestyle.

Track Listing:

I iz Candice Yo
Forest (Lady Garden)
That Time I had Sex with a Mermaid
Digital Sex
It’s Not Easy Being Sleazy
Bounce Until the End
Challenge Yourself
Xtobel’s Theme
Castle of Bling
Ice Cavern
Respect Your Nan
Let the Good Times Go Bad
Candice iz Back
Final Dungeon
Krystal’s Theme
Digital Sex (Dramatic Edition)
Forest (Ladette Garden)
I Just Wanna Bounce with You
Let The Good Times Go Bad (Instrumental)
That Time I had Sex with a Mermaid (Instrumental)
Christmas Baby