Capria: Magic of the Elements is a first-person virtual reality experience. Take on the role of a Wizard’s Apprentice who has just adopted a herd of magical goats each imbued with elemental powers. Armed with your wands and some basic spells, you must protect your herd from the goblins that lurk in the forest surrounding your homestead. Can you survive the night?

  • Be transported into a lush fantasy world with full support for the Vive its motion controllers
  • Use your levitation spell to launch rocks and blast goblins back into the Otherworld
  • Charge projectiles with the elemental powers of your goats
  • Practice your aim and pop tomatoes in the target range
  • Relax in your cottage and watch fish roast over an open flame

Virtual Reality Experience

Please note that this is a virtual reality-only experience. You must own a Vive headset to play Capria. We are planning an Oculus release when the Touch motion controllers become available.