Composer Ace brings you these exciting tunes from Code of Princess!
It includes character theme songs, stage and boss background music, with 34 tracks in all!

Track List:

1. Code of Princess (Main Theme)
2. Gather the Lights (Opening Song)
3. The Holy Princess (Solange’s Theme)
4. While on a Journey
5. There’s Nothing That Can’t Be Stolen (Ali’s Theme)
6. The Terrifying Liongate (Liongate’s Theme)
7. Dark Queen Distiny (Distiny’s Theme)
8. Come See My Discounts! (Maruneko Shop)
9. Decapitate! Tsukikage! (Tsukikage’s Theme)
10. The Amazing Mr. T! (Mr. T’s Theme)
11. Cool Ninja Squad (Baku’s Theme)
12. We Are the Ali Baba Group! (Ali Baba Group’s Theme)
13. The Little Great Wizard Alchemia (Cocoa’s Theme)
14. Shall I Curse You? (Zozo’s Theme)
15. Call Me Sister Hel (Sister Hel’s Theme)
16. Now It’s For Real!
17. Fallen Angel’s Revival (Distille’s Theme)

1. Your Smile
2. Now I’m Angry!
3. Sobbing Reality
4. Almost a Sage (Allegro’s Theme Dokonjo)
5. The Meaning of Tears
6. Memories of the Courtyard
7. Ah My Love!
8. Everyday life
9. Determination of Sorrow
10. Adventure and Party
11. Tower of Wrenne
12. Almost a Sage (Allegro’s Theme, Steady Advance)
13. Level Up
14. Game Over
15. Quest Clear
16. The Holy Princess (Gt Version)
17. Holy Death Strike of Slaughter