Early Access
Please note this game is currently in Early Access, It will drastically change from alpha to beta to final. More and more content is being added every day. The first alpha features freeroam, where you can test out the new tracks and cars in the game and mess around with vehicle physics. Multiplayer is coming soon as well as a story mode. I sincerely hope you enjoy Corona MotorSport and if you do, please write a review 🙂 it helps a lot 🙂 Also, all cars have been slightly modified and had their logos either replaced or removed due to copyright laws. I hope sometime in the near future, we can get licensing and add the official logos back in.

The next generation of indie racing games is here
Get behind the wheel of 10 (more added every week) exotic cars and wreak havoc! There are currently 3 modes planned for CMS. Freeroam, where you can go crazy on the dozens of maps with every car, truck, helicopter (coming soon), and plane (returning soon) unlocked. Multiplayer (coming soon) where you can compete against your friends in races or freeroam around the massive city with up to 16 players. and Story Mode: An action packed, tragic and humor-filled story(coming soon).


  • Transfăgărășan – A beautiful, scenic hill climb, Transfăgărășan has been called one of the best roads in the world spanning over 90km or 55 miles in the Carpathian mountain range – Coming Soon
  • Autodrome Di Monza – A nice track with plenty of straights and challenging curves
  • Nurburgring Nordschleife – A dangerous, 20km track in Germany with plenty of opportunities to wreck – Coming Soon
  • Sochi Autodrom – a beautiful track just recently completed and built around the 2014 winter olympic center in Sochi – Coming Soon
  • Miseluk – Serbian street rally with sharp turns – Coming Soon
  • Asia Town – Drifting city based loosely in Hong Kong – Coming soon
  • Snow Island – A large, detailed island racetrack covered in snow – Coming Soon
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – Hi-res satellite imagery of Punta Cana perfect for a stunt plane – will be patched back in shortly
  • Large City – Soon to be a massive open world map filled with traffic to smash into (coming soon)
  • Dunsfold Airport – Airfield in Dunsfold, England. Now used as a test track for cars – Coming Very soon
  • Bathurst Circuit – Coming soon
  • Daytona Motor Speedway – oval stock car circuit
  • Snow Rally – Large offroad rally in harsh conditions (coming in alpha 2.04)


  • Serato Conquistador (first screenshot) – powerful Italian sports car
  • Factory Five Mark IV Roadster (3rd-5th screenshots) – Officially licensed Factory Five Cobra replica
  • Factory Five Type 65 Coupe (2nd screenshot) – Officially licensed Factory Five Daytona replica
  • Tonnere Serpent – French supercar
  • Chevette G1 (6th screenshot) – American Classic car
  • Nyzan GTX (7th screenshot) – Japanese sportscar (drift tuned)
  • Doge Hellfire – American Muscle car
  • Trophy Truck – powerful offroad vehicle
  • Serato Stretto (last screenshot) – Formula one car
  • Obey V10 – AWD German sportscar


Tri-Dimensional Tires
Unlike other Unity games, which use Wheel Colliders that only detect a single point on the wheel that create an unrealistic look and feel, this algorithm recognizes the entire wheel model for beautiful suspension simulation and realistic handling.

Next-Gen Graphics
The Unity 5 update (Alpha 2.0) brings great new features such as Global Illumination, Real-Time vehicle/environment reflections, Dynamic Skies, improved Anti-Aliasing, Bloom, DirectX11, and much more!

Real-Time Damage Physics
Using precise mesh calculations and hinge physics, realistic damage is now possible in-game with no lag as well as detachable parts to make you feel guilty wrecking your car!

Unrivaled Aircraft Physics (will be re-added in)
Thanks to the power of UnityFS, Corona MotorSport now has realistically controlled airplanes. The alpha comes with one stunt plane on the Punta Cana map. Aircraft DLC’s are planned for the final version.