Crappie&Catfish Fun Pack is just perfect for float fishing enthusiasts. If you’re eager to catch some of America’s favorite fish while chilling in the shade, the Crappie&Catfish Fun Pack is all you need!

Crappie&Catfish Fun Pack Features one of the best Telescopic and Match rod n’ reels combos and other tackle goodies that will let you enjoy and explore advanced float fishing at its best! The Crappie&Catfish Fun Pack will suffice to get you off catching vivacious Crappie and mighty Catfish in no time – just make sure to experiment with match tackle and different baits. Why wait before growing to a certain level, if you can use some of Fishing Planet’s best Crappie and Catfish tackle right now?

Keep in mind that even superb tackle alone won’t get the job done. Only your skills and knowledge will land some real Trophy monsters! Here’s a few tips:

  • Crappie and Panfish like to stay around aquatic vegetation (like reeds and lily pads).
  • Catfish prefers dark deep underwater holes.
  • Make sure to consider the depth and adjust your line leader accordingly.
  • Always look at the weather and fishing diagrams on the location map.
  • …Profit!:)

Package includes:

500 CREDITS use the Credits to purchase new tackle, pay for fishing trips, repairs and any other in-game expenses.

5 GOLD COINS use to purchase advanced fishing tackle, available only for Gold.
Spend your Gold wisely!

3-DAY PREMIUM Enjoy three days of Premium Status and advance your game progress by getting a 50% boost to Experience earned for every fish you catch!

Wonderful Telescopic and Match combos.

OmniFloat 14′ 10″
Caesar 23′
WinCast 1500
CallistoXS 1400


– a selection of float tackle that you’ll need if you want to enjoy your Catfish and Crappie fishing to the fullest!

Bobbers: Oval Bobber (X2), Chubby Bobber (X2) (check Home Storage for other colors)

Hooks: Hook #1/0, Hook #2/0, Hook #6, Hook #4, Hook #2, Hook #1

Lines: Mono .007″, Mono .008″, Mono .010″, Flur .008″

Baits: Maggots, Crickets, Wax Worms, Semolina Balls, Pet Food, Small Cutbait, Cheese, Bloodworms


– Basic rod and tackle storing equipment, plus our unique Genesis Beta Tester Cap – an exclusive accessory available to Crappie&Catfish Fun Pack owners during the Early Acces. The Genesis Cap says it all, no question asked! You were there at the very inception of our Fishing Planet universe!

Flaggman™ Easy Go Belt Pocket
Genesis Beta-tester Cap
Fantastic Four Rod Case


a set of all Basic fishing licenses for all 7 States for seven full days.