A former Celestial Survey agent, Crow retired to Shear after spending years alone on alien worlds. His pet Batray, Gobi, is always at his side, at least when it’s not tracking down the Monster. Supported by his Stasis Gun and Long Rifle, Crow is a new breed of Trapper.

Pet Batray

Gobi, your Pet Batray, outlines any nearby creatures. Send him in any direction, and he’ll sniff out the Monster.

Stasis Gun

The Stasis Gun slows the Monster down. Rapid fire shots slow the Monster for a very short time. Hold the fire button to charge a shot which slows the Monster longer, allowing you to switch to other pieces of gear.

Kinetic Long Rifle

Quick bursts with your Long Rifle do normal damage, while charge shots ignore the Monster’s armor, dealing direct damage to its health.

Mobile Arena

Once you have the Monster trapped in the Mobile Arena, hide and defend yourself until backup arrives. If you go down, so does the Mobile Arena.

NOTE: If you own the Evolve Hunting Season Pass, DO NOT purchase this content here as you will be charged again. Game required; sold separately.