The Original Soundtrack to the game Cubway enhances your focus with calm ambient tunes. This custom collection of the tracks was composed by SiJ.

Relax, meditate and stimulate your mind with Cubway OST.

Get 4 tracks from the game and 5 Bonus Tracks in high quality FLAC and mp3 formats.

Song 1: “Sijærid”
Song 2: “Lümæriscit”
Song 3: “Aksáminèro”
Song 4: “Koyapöweátsi”

Bonus Track 1: “It Was Early Morning”
Bonus Track 2: “With Her Timid Movements”
Bonus Track 3: “Involuntary Emotion”
Bonus Track 4: “The End”
Bonus Track 5: “The End (Textere Oris Remix)”

NOTE: The OST will be downloaded to the game main directory in ” Cubway OST ” folder