Cycle Of Tyrfing is a rogue-lite 2D action adventure loosely based off of the Norse folk legends of the same name.
The player takes control of Hervor, a warrior tasked with finding her missing father.
This journey will take the player across several hellish landscapes in which hordes of dastardly enemies and gargantuan bosses await.

Story –

The Story is told through a combination of “Comic-Like” sequences and gameplay.

Hervor’s father was destined for greatness. He had earned a seat in Valhalla and a position as one of Odin’s Generals.
The ruler of the underworld, Hel, in her jealousy, would not allow this to happen.

Now Hervor must travel into the very depths of the underworld accompanied only by the magical sword known as “Tyrfing.”
According to the legends, Tyrfing can give its wielder great physical strength and stamina, but at a terrible price…
Face the challenge ahead and uncover the mystery surrounding Tyrfing.

Features –

  • Build your offensive capabilities as you progress.
  • Collect various types of new abilities and power ups to become stronger.
  • Learn to react to the unexpected- death resets the very universe
  • Explore the demented landscapes of the worlds of the dead