So, another multiplayer FPS that claims to be “real”, what’s the deal?
There are hundreds of them and we all know that realism isn’t really there. There are few that comes close, but not quite there. Hell, I was so into realism that I eventually decided to make one instead of looking. D.U.S.T. was not made to be “better” or to be more “real”, it was made to do it right. So here is a brief feature list.

Total Control Weapon
Pull the charging handle, slap the bolt catch. Turn the elevation dials and set the focus on scopes. Gone are the days of a weapon that is capable of reality bending physics. Our motto is, If you can do it real life, then you can also do it in DUST. If it is missing, even the smallest thing, let us know and we will add it.

An open level (4km x 4km) 128 player game.
Team driven fire fight at long distances for seasoned and to be more exact, veteran, hardcore FPS players. Please note that the initial release will be limited to 64 player games.

Total Weapon Modification

Having the ability to change scopes and suppresors is not considered enough. D.U.S.T. allows you to change the barrel, twist ratio, thickness, trigger, bolt carrier group, scopes, grenade launchers, handles, rails, magazines, round grain types and so on. We are actively adding and widening the modification level.

Physics driven ballistics.
That means gravity, air resistance, ricochet, fragmentation etc. Everything should be there is there

One shot, one kill gameplay.
Gone are the days of health regeneration or a number driven health system. A bullet will and definitely kill you.

Extended view distance.
Clear view of 4000m+, that means no more fogs, no more popping in enemies. There is just realistic atmospheric scatter.