Expand your arsenal with a Legendary Tachmag Pulser SMG, Adapted Weapon Box, special Duni Shetarru vehicle, and more. Once you evolve, there’s no going back!


  • Adapted Weapon Box*
  • 15-Day Patron Pass
  • Unique Title: Evolved Arkhunter
  • 35 Inventory Slots
  • Duni Shetarru Racer: Unique tinted Duni Vehicle
  • 1 Pack Rat Boost
  • 5 XP+ 50% Boosts
  • 250 Arkforge
  • +1 Loadout Slot
  • Legendary SMG: Evolved Tachmag Pulser

*Contains Adapted Epic versions of the following weapons: Auto-Bolter, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Pod, Pulser, Autopistol, SAW, Coiler, Auto-Fragger, Invader, and Assault Carbine. Arkforge, inventory slots, loadout slot, Pack Rat boost, and XP boosts apply to one character only. Only 1 Evolved Ark Hunter Bundle can be purchased per account!