This upgrades your regular edition Shadowrun Chronicles game to the cool Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition contains:

  • A pre-order for the first campaign update of Shadowrun Chronicles fro free – cause the world of Shadowrun Chronicles will be ever expanding with more missions and new content!
  • Two additional character slots
  • A whole treasure chest full of items from grenades to DocWagon cards, weapons and armor and some zero Essence-cost cybeware to get you an edge on the street!
  • Three pets for use in the hub (they are very tame, so they won’t follow you into missions) and exclusive clothing items from skull bandanas to stained Soykaf Shirts for the true Runner look!
  • Over 45 minutes of music inspired by Shadowrun Chronicles on top of the game soundtrack usable for your tabletop cyberpunk game session.
  • The Quick Start Rules give you an introduction to the world and the rule set of the Shadowrun Tabletop game. Gather your friends around the table and slip into the Shadows with them!
  • The Boston Adventures bring the Boston Lockdown scenario to your Shadowrun Tabletop group! Get intel on the Boston setting and play a run inspired by the Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown Campaign!