Demon hunter it is a kind of epic like game that can let the player acting as a warrior who can use teampistol,bow or double blade to fight against magic monsters .

-Press D key to reset your position in the game
– virtual reality RPG infinite stage game
– you can use three kinds of weapons: double blade,teampistol,bow
– some level will appear special artifact
– five kinds of magic monster: skeleton army,summon demons,shadow spider,giantopithecus,goblin
– please take care of this horrible dragon , stone gargoyle and so on
– all elite or even better monster have their own haemal strand
– top monster only appear in city wall level
– goblin monster may appear in reward level
– can interrupt boss fierce attack rhythm
– when the boss gunboat shipping, change to bow weapon to shot it quickly
– when you wipe out boss deputy eye,it will become so funny
– when all remain silence more than three seconds,please take care of the sky
– always remember: your back in danger at any time