Dino D-Day the Comic! Issue #1

Check out this brand-new comic set in the Dino D-Day universe! In issue #1, we tell the origin story of Jack Hardgrave and Nigel Blythe-Crossley as they team up to uncover the Hitler’s gravest dino-threat yet, hidden in a top-secret Nazi sub base! We were lucky enough to get renowned comic creator Tommy Lee Edwards (Google him) to break away from his work with Marvel, DC, etc to design our book and create the layouts. Then we used the game as a virtual prop house to create the final look. With the comic you also get TLE’s original full-color layouts with a toggle switch that lets you click back and forth on each page. Spoiler: there’s a new character on the last page. Beautiful? Yes. Deadly? Of course! Help us make issue #2, where she helps busts our heroes out of Nazi captivity, by picking up the comic along with the game!!


The comic is viewable within the Dino D-Day game client itself but will also be readable as a PDF that you can find in your “steamapps/common/Dino D-Day” folder. It is DRM-free!