A brand new game mode for Dino D-Day!

The long-awaited Jurassic Update for Dino D-Day is complete and that includes an all new, survival-style game mode we call Last Stand.

In Dino D-Day: Last Stand you and your friends will battle through 10 intense waves of ravenous Nazi dinosaurs culminating in a terrifying encounter with a beast so infamous Allied soldiers simply refer to him as the “Red Baron”. As you fight you will accrue gold you can spend in the Quartermaster Menu to buy upgrades, special abilities, new weapons, even animal companions to help you in your fight. Winning in Last Stand requires not only great teamwork but the effective combination of upgrades and special abilities with your teammates!


  • Pulse-pounding co-op survival gameplay!
  • A slew of new dinosaurs!
  • Vengeance Goat…a goat with a Tesla coil on its back hell-bent on killing Nazi dinosaurs!
  • Deep upgrade system making for a tactically-rich co-op combat experience!
  • Two brand new maps! Support for existing Dino D-Day maps!

Gear up soldier! The Red Baron and his Nazi dinosaur minions await!