Visit ‘Blocked In’ for a mesmerizing sight of the end of the world by Tetrominoes. Blocked In is the first entry in ‘The Shoebox Diorama’, an ongoing series of fantastical dioramas for VR devices by interactive illustrator ‘Daniel Ernst’.

A diorama is NOT a game, nor is it a demo, but it’s a diorama. To be more precise, a diorama is a fantastical hand painted environment in which interaction is used to experience a story and convey a sense of wonder. Your goal is simple; relax and be somewhere else. And try revisiting the environment from time to time.

‘Blocked In’ was first released in late 2013 for the DK1 and was many first introduction in VR and has been one of the defining VR experiences of the early adapters. It also coined the term diorama for these types of VR experiences.

‘Blocked In’ can be explored as a standalone experience or as an interconnected experience through the ‘Table of Contents’ diorama (coming soon), which serves as the central hub.

‘Blocked In’ is a great introduction to ‘The Shoebox Diorama’ and other more interactive illustrations. If you liked Blocked In try :