‘The Shoebox Diorama’ is an ongoing series of interactive illustrations for VR devices by interactive illustrator ‘Daniel Ernst’, known for ‘Diorama No.1 : Blocked In’ which is one of the key experiences of VR since 2013.

A diorama is NOT a game, nor is it a demo, but it’s an interactive illustration. To be more precise, a diorama is a fantastical hand painted environment in which subtle interaction is used to experience a story and convey a sense of wonder. Your goal is simple; relax and be somewhere else.

Visit The Marchland, a place where a drop of rain makes the difference between presence and absence of the passerby. Are these ghosts, or could the spectator be one?

In this diorama you will experience what it feels like to be inbetween worlds, to become a poltergeist of some sorts. You’re invisible, but you will see, feel and hear objects in the environment react to your touch.

The Marchland can be explored as a standalone experience or as an interconnected experience through the ‘Table of Contents’ diorama, which serves as the central hub.

Other dioramas in the series include: