Set the world on fire, heal your teammates, and save big! Items in the Fire & Light pack include:

Two Mercs – Permanently unlock Stoker and Sparks.
• Stoker – As alarming as he is eloquent, Stoker uses his Molotov Grenades to set the ground ablaze, incinerating his foes and locking down critical chokepoints.
• Sparks – A brilliant doctor who uses her prototype REVIVR rifle to both heal AND harm: Reviving teammates from afar, or zapping her enemies with a few thousand volts.

3 Hour Credit Booster – Double your Base-Fee of Credits earned for 3 hours of pure in-match gameplay.

1 Fire & Light Case – This case contains a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Cobalt Loadout Card for either Stoker or Sparks.

Limit 1 Fire & Light Pack Per Account. Packs Are Not Transferable. This Pack is Only Available in Supported Regions.