Are you ready for a Virtual Reality Survival RPG experience? With Chapter 1 completed, you will play through the prologue of the game, setting up the world for a great war, where following chapters will have you command the role of other heroes from different races as they are dragged into the fray. The story begins with you, a direct descendant of the ancient Draconic Order, exiled to an island for the rest of your days. With some skill, intelligence, and some good luck, you just might turn the world upside down and return to the mainland as a powerful warrior mage.

Learn of your lineage, and fulfill your destiny. You must reignite the flames of war once more. Discover mysterious tomes, written in different race’s native tongue. Learn powerful spells, and summon legendary Guardians to aide you in Battle. Seek out the epic weapons of fallen Heroes once lost to the Island.

Explore new areas to find more clues of their whereabouts and defeat the evils that hold them.

The dungeon within the island holds the key to your past and future. There you will find the great Ecirnaus.

Will you give rise to Draconic Order once more?