The Titan Pass gives you every piece of content that is currently in Dragons and Titans as well as all new content for the upcoming year for one low price. This means you have immediate access to every tier 1 dragon, every weapon, every avatar, every skin, and have 4 different single player campaign acts to play through. In addition, as more dragons, weapons, avatars, skins, and acts are added to the game, Titan Pass holders will automatically receive them for the next year.

The Titan Pass includes:
over 35 tier 1 dragons
over 35 weapons
18 avatars
57 skins
All 4 ‘Acts’ – single player story driven campaigns
All content released for 1 year after purchase of the Titan Pass
4x bonus crystals (in game currency) per match for 1 year

For more information on the Titan Pass – please read through our Titan Pass FAQ at: