Inspired by some of our favourite games like Wipeout, Trackmania, Vib-Ribbon and Audiosurf…

Drive Any Track is a high octane music based racing game where we create racetracks from the songs in your music library.

Action on track is synced to the audio, you literally have to race the music to stay in time and score points.

You’ve seen other music powered games, Drive Any Track takes the concept to the next level with our innovative MEGA engine. It takes any song, analyses it down to its core components and creates a unique racing experience from it.

Verses, choruses and drops become checkpoints, and the environment and cars are styled to the genre of music you’re playing.

Experiment with your music collection and find out which songs make the best racetracks!

  • Be the first to ‘create’ a race-track from a song and have your name forever enshrined on the track’s leaderboard.
  • Multiplayer features – Challenge your friends’ ghosts to your favourite tunes and beat their high-scores on the track!
    ***Please note DAT does not support live multiplayer / split screen at present during Early Access***
  • Score big for staying in sync, whilst performing stunts, jumps, drifts and rolls!

Drive Any Track is currently in Early Access

There are currently three genre styles already included (Dance, Rock, Urban), and a selection of unique cars and liveries (and some secret cars you have to work out how to unlock!).

DAT supports currently supports MP3, FLAC, OGG and AAC (m4a) file formats.

DAT has full controller support in that you don’t need a mouse and keyboard to play the game, but we only support newer xinput devices such as the X-Box 360 and X-Box One controllers. Older directinput controllers such as the Logitech Dual Action are not currently supported.

We want your feedback whilst we continue to develop the game to add polished graphics and skyboxes, more musicality, more genre styles (pop, classical, jazz, country etc), cars, stunts, modes and gameplay elements.

***Please note during Early Access we may periodically wipe leaderboards if significant changes to gameplay are made, we’ll announce changes in the forum in advance***