Deadly Music of Death (OST) – Volumes 1 and 2

Over forty tracks, comprising two hours of puzzling monster-smiting goodness!

These classic tracks were primarily composed by Erik Hermansen and originally featured in “DROD: King Dugan’s Dungeon” (Architects’ Edition) and “DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold” and now featured here in “DROD: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder”.

Full track listing:

Deadly Music of Death – Volume 1

Part 1: Journey to Rooted Hold
After Paraguay (2:08)
Ancient Machine (4:39)
Bonus: this is a new,
extended version of the
original game song!
Brood (4:22)
In My Skin (3:12)
Far Enough (3:27)
Uncovered (4:01)
Last Gameshow (2:19)
I’ve Been Here (4:02)
The Steady Smite (3:43)

Part 2: Architects’ Edition
Whistler (3:13)
The Spaces (4:56)
Delusions (5:20)
Nightwalk (4:57)
The Way Down (4:47)
Fortune (3:43)
Glad You Came (4:55)
Waiting (3:13)
The End of the Game (2:00)

Deadly Music of Death – Volume 2

Part 1: Journey to Rooted Hold
Title Erik Mix (Architect’s Oath) (1:04)
Without Fear (1:55)
Carve it Deep (1:36)
Sneaking around the Docks (2:08)
Delver (0:57)
Larger View (1:35)
Leave Everything (1:04)
My Small Box (1:17)
Smaller Plans (0:56)
Devious (2:49)
So Far Below (1:40)
The Reward (1:50)
Construction (3:16)
Ancient Machine I (2:25)
Busride (0:49)

Part 2: Architects’ Edition
Gustomatic (0:47)
Settle Down (1:37)
We See You Now (8:15)
Simple (4:28)
The Givers (5:25)
Underway (1:29)
Next Things Next (0:25)

Morning Beauty (2:12)

A lot of effort has gone into the music from DROD. Over the years players have come to be fans of the music as well as the game. I won’t try to describe the music or convince you that it’s good. For that, I recommend you simply try out the DROD games where you can hear songs from the collection to form your own opinion.