This DLC includes:

  • 45 minutes of thematic music composed by Emmett Plant, featured exclusively in DROD: The Second Sky.
  • Custom graphics featured in TSS for use in your own custom level sets, including character speech portraits, custom sprites, map icons, environmental scenery, atmospheric images, and more!

Track list:

  • A Slippery Staircase
  • A Sympathetic Bartendry
  • An Architect’s Dream Of Geometry
  • Architects Oath Remix
  • Beethro Ascendant
  • Down Once More
  • Roaches on the Run
  • Subterranean Assault
  • Tendry’s New Idea
  • Waltz Recombinant
  • Within These Swingin’ Halls

The graphics pack will be installed into the app directory.