WARNING: Dungeons Of Kragmor is still early in development. It may be worth waiting until further along in development before joining in on the fun(We’re not depending on Early Access for funding to complete the development process, we have lots to do and plenty of time to do it).

Dungeons Of Kragmor is a new unique mixture of the survival, FPS, and dungeon crawler genres. In the lands of Kragmor, wizards who commit crimes are sentenced to a special magical realm known as the Dungeons Of Kragmor. Slay epic creatures – Upgrade your wizard tower – Craft – Gather – PvP – Dungeon explore and more.

The Council of Kragmor once used this realm to rule it’s lands from afar. When the need arose for a new realm to contain those who broke their laws, they left this once majestic land to house the evil wizards of Kragmor. Explore the overworld for supplies and journey into the depths of the dungeon to discover hidden relics to boost your strength.

The Council’s towers still inhabit the overworld areas. Claim one of the twelve wizard towers as your base of operations. Upgrade your tower to obtain powerful crafting stations. Defend your home from other players seeking your treasures.

As the years have gone by the Dungeons of Kragmor have become populated with all manner of vile creatures, bringing with them magical components that can be used to create artifacts. Summon minions to gather stone and wood, while you rain your fury down on creatures to obtain powerful crafting components. Select from a variety of equipment tiers from common to epic as you progress through the crafting stations in your tower.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant colorful world. Journey into the depths and discover treasures. Stake your claim in a volatile land and defend it from others seeking to free you of your obligations! Welcome to the Dungeon.