1) Title Theme: This plays during the main menu.
2) Festival: The wedding theme.
3) Evil: Sinister plots are afoot!
4) Battle Theme: This piece doubles as not only the main battle theme, but also Lucian’s theme.
5) Electro-Steampunk: Rarely heard in game, plays during Ingrid’s final arena battle.
6) Adrenaline: On board the death train!
7) Espionage: Played during the Sandraka Airport, World’s End Cape, and Imperial Convoy.
8) Kormag’s Theme: Welp, it’s Kormag’s theme! Also a bit of Soha’s theme in there to represent them both.
9) Pondering: Cut scenes, usually when Ingrid is doing the heavy mental lifting for Lucian.
10) World Map: Plays during the World Map, doubles as the game’s primary theme.
11) Whamalash: Forest/jungle theme that plays in the middle of the massive Beladorne Jungles.
12) A Hero Returns: Played during a fateful scene between Lucian and his father.
13) Rebellion: Primary theme of Lucian’s coalition. Also doubles as the Barek Tor’s theme.
14) Desolation: Disaster! A village slaughtered and burned to the ground.
15) Soha’s Theme: Beautiful, majestic, mysterious. Much like the Kingdom of Sayunaa and its future queen, Soha.
16) Boss Battle: A slight derivation of the main battle theme, this time with more epic.
17) Eskandar’s Theme: The proud and mighty Barek Tor warrior.
18) Carnival: Celebration of the Barek Tor!
19) Relaxed Love: Sometimes, love is just easy and makes sense.
20) Fahrem’s Camp: The Sayunaari General gets his time in the sun.
21) Siege: Played during an extended military siege against you!
22) Arena: Battle music for Kesh’s arena.
23) Arc Donarium: The final dungeon. Music inspires power and dread.
24) Goddess Rising: Only her conscience holds her back from omnipotence.
25) Battle With Kormag: Duel with the wild card, Kormag!
26) Ending: Long and highly varied medley remix of all the characters’ themes put together for the ending sequence.