EEP eisenbahn.exe is the most diverse, most realistic and most frequently sold construction and control simulation program for PC. Developed and constantly improved by train fans for train fans, EEP offers unique game depth, unrivalled attention to detail and countless possibilities to design your virtual train world.

EEP 12 now offers you new unique extras: For example, the new control panel, virtual train depots, breathtaking backgrounds and importable schedules. Furthermore, countless user requests were acted on and implemented in order to offer dramatic improvements in operability. Many new Lua functions offer fans of sophisticated controls fantastic possibilities to implement these. This makes it enormously easier for you to start out in the EEP world.

New in EEP 12:

  • Virtual train depots as script-controlled entrance and exit tracks
  • Signal box option: Control panel for signals and switches
  • Importable schedules
  • New horizon levels for the creation of breathtaking scenery
  • Completely functional intersections with traffic lights
  • New Lua functions, like occupied track notifications, camera control
  • Top model: Complete Rheingold train with preloaded steam engine from the BR 18.5

Tried and tested in EEP 12:

  • Countless authentic vehicles
  • Sophisticated signal system
  • Controllable driver’s cabs
  • Kinematically animated people & animals
  • Dynamic weather
  • Automatic day/night change

10 good reasons for EEP:

  • Simple introduction with video tutorials
  • Germany’s leading train simulation for PC
  • Construction and control simulation with all traffic routes
  • More than 17 years of experience and train expertise
  • Awarded multiple times, for example, through trade press
  • Unrivalled game depth, unlimited possibilities
  • Own online shop with 40,000 3D models
  • Over 100 experts continue to develop EEP
  • EEP turns users into friends
  • Made in Germany