Endless Legend’s soundtrack has been praised by our community. Enticed by this success, FlybyNo has created 7 awesome new tracks totalling over 30 minutes of music to enhance your experience and enrich the game’s atmosphere.

Echoes of Auriga Album, composed and produced by FlybyNo

The album includes the following tracks:

  • War of the Sundered (Gravity Well Remix)
  • Way of the Forerunner
  • Under the Threshold
  • Glassteel
  • Skyglade
  • Pillars of Dust
  • Flamesear

Includes all Echoes of Auriga tracks in mp3 format.

BONUS: An exclusive equipment pack

This additional content gives you also access to 9 exclusive unit equipments such as the ‘Drum of Gios’, the ‘Ring of Magesong’ or the mighty ‘Harp of Noby Fly’, inspired by the Echoes of Auriga.