Single Player Survival Mode (Alpha)
This time is not only about your survival, with the help of a dog sled team you must hunt and scavenge in this vast map to bring food to your village. Med supplies, food and ammo crates are a must in this post apocalyptic frozen world. Your village and your dogs need you.


-Dog sled to make moving around the extensive map easier.
-Dogs are not inmortal, you must feed them, manage their energy, you even get the chance to name them every time you start a new game.
-Use your dogs as hunting companions.
-Huge map filled with interesting locations to explore and safe houses to loot.
-Well balanced survival mechanics inspired by the real needs of the human body. These include:
-Weight management (inventory)
-A day/night cycle that affects the temperature and other factors in the world.
-Fishing, Hunting
-A diverse wildlife to hunt or run from, including bears, wolves and rabbits.
-3 different hunting tools (Rifle, crossbow and axe)
-A simple yet effective looting system.
-Easy and simple inventoy management menu
-Friendly UI
-A functional saving system.

My main focus on this state of the game is to work and refine the basic survival mechanics. To add and test different gameplay ideas I have. And obviously to fix anything that needs to be fixed (bugs, glitches, balance issues).

Planned Features:
-NPC survivors both hostile and neutral (coming very soon)

]Co-op survival (BETA …coming in 6 months) [/b]
Survive along your friends! (4 players max) These are the two basic rules of this game-mode

Things you should know before buying the game:
-The map is far from complete
-Currently there is only one save slot
-The dogs on the sled have animation problems when attacked while running
-Animal AI needs a lot of work
-The game needs a lot of work in the sound area, many sounds are still missing.
-The game needs a drastic balancing, right now I feel it is too easy
– Loot spawn is not yet completely random, the only loot that is randomly generated is the one you get from cars
-The game needs some serious optimization
-Changing the graphics settings can crash (now I have not experienced this problem, but a youtuber reported to be having problems whenever he changes the quality of the graphics)
-the dog sled physics have some issues