Original soundtrack to the combo crazy brawler Fairy Bloom Freesia, created by Edelweiss and localized into English and published by Nyu Media Ltd.


1. Melody in Bloom (Main Menu)
2. Freesia Kick! (Action #1)
3. Beatdown! (Boss #1)
4. The Jomon Tree (of Lita Forest)
5. Atop a Sunflower (Action #2)
6. In the Forest of Fallen Leaves (Action #3)
7. The Snow Fairy Dances (Action #4)
8. The Lost Jomon Tree (Brokenhearted Conversation)
9. The King and the Professor (Kingdom Conversation)
10. Freesia Smile (Normal Conversation)
11. I Want to Save Her! (Action #5)
12. The Final Battle (Last Battle)
13. Believe the Bud Will Grow (End Roll)
14. Labyrinth of Scarlet – Arrangement of ‘In the Forest of Fallen Leaves’