*This product is included in the D&D Complete Class Pack

Sorcerers are spellcasters who draw on inherent magic received as a gift or by bloodline.

Players purchasing this module can use it to create characters offline and bring those characters into games with any Dungeon Master (DM). Dungeon Masters who own this product can allow players to access it while they are connected to the DM by using the sharing option built into Fantasy Grounds. The players will no longer have access to the reference material upon disconnecting from the DM unless they also own the module.

This Module Includes

  • 18 additional fantasy character portraits taken from various official D&D sources
  • The class description from the Player’s Handbook for the sorcerer class
  • Details and features from levels 1-20 for a sorcerer character
  • Automatic addition of new class features when you drag the sorcerer class link to your character’s level summary
  • Drag and drop features that can be referenced during play
  • Access the entire sorcerer spell list and drag them to your character sheet for access during play

Requirements: The 5E Ruleset and the D&D Character Customization Pack.